Dear Parents/Carers

Future School Leadership

In autumn term 2015, we advertised for a Headteacher for White Mere Community Primary School but we were unsuccessful in our recruitment.  At this time we were receiving support from Carr Hill Primary School and as of January 2016, we entered a soft federation arrangement with Carr Hill and Mr Kidd became the Executive Headteacher across both schools.

Through the federation arrangements, White Mere has benefited from working closely with staff at Carr Hill and from the wealth of expertise that Mr Kidd and his Deputy Headteacher, Mr Harris, have brought into our school.  Coupled with a team of dedicated staff within White Mere who are committed to the school and its pupils, we have made progress.  However, a soft federation can only last for two years and therefore we need to think about the future for White Mere.

To that end, Governors met on Tuesday 14th January and unanimously agreed to recruit to the vacant Headteacher post within White Mere, with a view to having the post filled by September 2017.

The soft federation and presence of Mr Kidd as Executive Headteacher will continue until that time and in the event that we do not appoint, the federation can continue until the end of 2017, to allow us the opportunity to re-consider our options.

We plan to advertise the position in early March 2017 and will work closely with Gateshead Council to recruit.  We have the advert from the last recruitment, access to all of the comments made by children, staff and parents alike in respect of what they would like from their new Headteacher and will seek copies of recent adverts and packs from other local schools, all of which we can use to pull together an engaging advert and recruitment pack.

We would however like to give parents/carers the opportunity to engage and contribute new ideas to this process (we will engage with staff and children in school to seek their views too).  If you have any further thoughts on what you would like to see in a new Headteacher for White Mere, could you email them to school ( by Wednesday 1 March 2017, marking your email for the attention of the governing body?

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support to White Mere Community Primary School.

Yours sincerely

Keith Anderson

Chair of Governors

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