Dear parents/carers

On behalf of the Governing Body at White Mere Community Primary School and following a rigorous two-day recruitment process, I am writing to tell you that we have made an offer of appointment to Mr Christopher Boddy as the Headteacher of White Mere, with effect from September 2017 – subject to the usual checks and receipt of the formal letter of acceptance.

This was not a decision taken lightly, given the turbulence that our school has seen over recent years and to that end, we ensured that the whole process was both robust and rigorous in order to fully test out the candidates potential.  The process included interviews of each of the candidates by 6 children from Year 5 and Year 6, who did an amazing job and whose feedback we took into account.  The candidates met all of the staff in an informal session and we considered their views in our deliberations.  There were observed lesson observations with feedback, book scrutinies with feedback, two presentations and then a formal interview with two local authority staff and a panel of governors.  We are very pleased that the conclusion to offer the position to Mr Boddy was unanimous!

You are all probably wondering about Mr Boddy now – I can provide you with a brief background but won’t say too much so that he can introduce himself in time too.  Mr Boddy is currently the Deputy Headteacher of Lanchester EP Primary School, a 400 place primary school in Durham.  This is a role he has been in for more than 6 years, during which time he’s been heavily involved in the leadership of the school.  He has over 15 years of teaching experience in a range of primary schools working with children from reception to Year 6.

We hope that Mr Boddy will be able to visit White Mere on occasion during next term to familiarise himself with the school and to support in the planning for September.  During the two days he came across as a calm considerate committed individual with drive and determination and with the underpinning people skills to take White Mere on the next stage of the journey of improvement. He is really looking forward to his new role and we look forward to welcoming him.

Keith Anderson

Chair of Governors

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