Dear Parents/Carers

Keith Anderson, our Chair of Governors, recently corresponded with you regarding the new Headteacher who has been appointed to our school, commencing September this year.

I want to further update you on some preparations currently taking place in readiness for the new school year.

We have already met with our new Head, Chris Boddy, briefing him on the background to the school, discussing its strengths and talking about our wonderful pupils. He is aware of some of the challenges the school faced over the previous few years, which we dealt with successfully and he knows there are some areas still to improve.

As we have a number of current staff with fixed term contracts, we felt our new Headteacher should work with governors to fill the posts on a permanent basis. As a result, governors released an advert for a number of teaching posts, commencing September 2017 for our school. We are running a robust open and fair recruitment process to ensure that we appoint the best candidate(s) to the post(s).  To that end, we will make decisions on class teachers for September as soon as possible after the recruitment has ended and in consultation with Mr Boddy.  We know that you will all be interested in this and will write to confirm class teachers as soon as we are able.

Additionally, governors decided some months ago to consult on their plan to delete the two Assistant Headteacher posts from the current staffing structure and replace them with a single Deputy Headteacher post. This post was ‘ring fenced’ and the existing Assistant Heads, Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Richardson were eligible to apply for this single Deputy Headteacher post.

Yesterday governors met and agreed to appoint Mrs Hutchinson as our full time Deputy Headteacher to work alongside Mr Boddy in September. I’m sure you’ll join with me in congratulating Mrs Hutchinson on her new role.  As you are aware, Mrs Richardson is currently on long-term sick leave and we wish her well in her continued recovery.

We have a relief caretaker, Dennis Sanderson, returning to White Mere in a couple of weeks. He will remain with us until such point governors advertise and appoint a new permanent caretaker for September.

Finally, just to let you know the school will remain open on 8th June despite it being a polling station. We will make some internal changes to ensure the voting public do not come into contact with children.  Next week you will receive a letter informing you of Summer term dates for parent/carer consultation meetings, sports day, Y6 leavers assembly etc.

Callum Kidd

Executive Headteacher

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