In Reception this half term we are all Superheroes!

On Monday we received a letter from Spiderman. The Joker has been seen around school and thinks he’s going to try and take Pete our dragon! Spiderman asked us if we could be superheros too so we can help keep Pete safe. He set us a series of challenges to complete as part of our superhero training.

One of the challenges was to make a beating baddies magic potion! We used lots of different herbs and spices in our potions then thought about what would happen if the Joker drank them. Be careful if anyone in Reception offers you a drink. You don’t want to turn into a smelly jelly!


IMG_1967 IMG_2072 IMG_1966 IMG_2082IMG_2081 IMG_2075 IMG_2074 IMG_1972IMG_2073 IMG_2080 IMG_1971 IMG_2079 IMG_2078 IMG_1969

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