Dear Parents/Carers,

There are a couple of things I’d like to share with you as we start the final two weeks of our school year.

First of all sports day, planned for this coming Thursday afternoon from 1.15pm; Our school field was mowed this morning in preparation for Thursday and the grass is wet, very wet! The rain has just not abated and the forecast this week is not good. Today the rain has prevented the running lanes from being marked out so our groundsmen are returning on Wednesday (the only dry day this week) to see if they can prepare the field for us.

With more rain expected on Thursday we have decided to wait until Wednesday to assess whether we can go ahead with sports day or postpone it because of the weather.

The ‘family picnic’ afternoon, scheduled for Wednesday 19th July from 2.00pm will, with those fingers crossed again, bring us sunshine. This is just a chance for children and adults to be together, on their picnic rugs, deck chairs, under gazeebos or whatever, having a picnic together on the school field. Pack a picnic for you and your child/ren and come and join us. If you can’t come then let you son/daughter bring a picnic for the afternoon.

Parent consultation meetings are already underway where teachers are sharing with you your child’s annual school progress report. Please make sure you have an appointment as we want to ensure we have consulted with all our parents.

The annual national pupil ‘testing’ season is over and we have some very encouraging news this year:

  • Reception – the percentage of children making a ‘good level of development’ (as measured by their assessments over the ‘early learning goals’) – 16/22 pupils = 73%
  • Year 1 phonics screening – 91% of pupils achieved the phonics threshold of 32/40 in this year’s assessment
  • In Year 2 in mathematics 73% of pupils have achieved the national expected level at the end of KS1 with 20% working at greater depth. In reading 66% achieved the expected level with 20% working at greater depth and in writing 53% are working at the expected level.
  • In Y6, where provisional SAT results were published last week, the news got better J In Maths and Reading 89% of our pupils reached the (harder) national expected levels with 39% in maths and 33% in reading reaching the ‘higher study’ criteria. In writing 83% reached the expected level with 28% at the higher level. In spelling, punctuation & grammar 89% reached the expected level with 61% attaining the higher study criteria.

Overall results for year 6 show:

  • Expected Standard in combined Reading, Writing & Maths: 83%
  • Greater depth of study combined in Reading, Writing & Maths: 17%

During the Autumn term school performance data is released for the 2016/17 academic year. Our school has ‘’bounced” back and in a good position to start the 2017/18 academic year.

Year 6 pupils have their leavers’ celebration on the final day of term (beginning at 9.30am). Each child can invite a maximum of 4 adults to attend. There’s no charge for Y6 parents/carers to attend but as space is an issue we have to keep to the 4 maximum per Y6 child attending. Just let your Y6 son\daughter know who is coming so we can plan for the seating arrangements.

The governing body has agreed to hold two training days at the beginning of the new school year, Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th September. This will allow Mr Boddy, our new Headteacher, time to work with his new team and ensure each member is ready to start a new school year under his leadership. Children will return on Wednesday 6th September. We have already notified 2017 reception and nursery parents of the arrangements for their children to start our school.

Some of you have made comment upon the attendance printed on the front of you child’s annual report. Anything below 94% is regarded by the DfE as ‘below expected attendance’. Whilst I appreciate there are genuine reasons why children occasionally are absent from school if their overall attendance falls below 94% it has to be reported as a ‘cause for concern’ as it meets the governments ‘persistent absence’ category. Apologies if this has caused some parents a worry. I’m just the messenger with a statutory duty to report annual attendance!

If everyone could keep their fingers crossed, do a sun dance or whatever it takes this week to make the rain go away and the sun to come out this week we would all be grateful here in school!

Callum Kidd

Executive Headteacher

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