Ofsted Report

Our school was last inspected by Ofsted in October 2014.

We are a GOOD school.

Pupils’ achievement is good and overall the vast majority make good progress from their starting points.
Pupils achieve above average standards in reading and writing.

Most disabled pupils and those with special educational needs usually make progress at similar or better rates to those of their peers.

The quality of teaching is nearly always good, with examples of outstanding practice. As a result, pupils enjoy learning and produce good quality work.

Teachers and teaching assistants work very well together to plan activities which enthuse and engage pupils. This is particularly effective in supporting those pupils who are disabled and those with special educational needs.

Pupils’ behaviour is good. They are keen to learn and show very positive attitudes to work. This supports their good progress and achievement in the classroom. Pupils say they feel safe in school and show respect and care towards one another.

Children make a good start in the early years where they settle down readily as a result of highly positive relationships. They enjoy learning and finding things out through first-hand experiences. They achieve well.

The headteacher and the governing body have ensured that the school has continued to improve since the last inspection. They have raised attainment in writing and phonics (the sounds letters make) and the quality of teaching. All leaders share the same vision for bringing about the best outcomes for pupils’ personal development and academic achievement.

There is a warm and positive atmosphere throughout the school, so that pupils enjoy working in a happy, safe environment.

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