PE and Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium Action Plan 2018-19

Aim Action Cost Measurable Impact
1. Children access high quality facilities suitable for a range of different sports and outdoor pursuits. Use buses to transport children to different facilities and venues including local secondary school, local primary sports competitions & Gateshead International Stadium. £3,000 More children accessing a wider range of different sports facilities for school sport and PE.
School to re-join the cluster sports calendar and access the regular sports events during the school year. Children learn the value of teamwork and the benefits of collaboration with others, as well as the nature of competitive sports being about taking part, fitness and enjoyment, not winning.
School to organise residential visits for UKS2 based around outdoor pursuits and subsidise the transport costs to enable all children to access them. Children will access new sports challenges through residential visits at outdoor pursuit centres.
2. Every child has access to 2 hours per day of sustained vigorous activity. Clubs run by staff are supplemented by clubs run by outside providers (children may be charged per session but subsidised by school). £1,000 More children involved in after school clubs which have elements of physical activity and sport.
Yard & school field is marked for children to play small sided games and take part in activities both independently and in teacher led play. These markings will be linked to our PE curriculum to ensure skills and games learned in PE can be easily transferred to free play times. £3,000 Children enjoying a greater range of sports and games, independently, in yard and/or on the field.
New resources for games, sports and play activities will be ordered for the playground, including new storage boxes to allow Sports Leaders to manage them. £500 Children will be more settled during class time following improved physical activity opportunities.
3. Staff are confident in delivery of sports and games which are new/unfamiliar to children CPD – new PE leader to access subject leader training and also PE network meetings through the GSSP agreement.

PE subject leader to be released to audit the quality of PE teaching across the school and then work alongside staff to support their development, possibly with the support of outside professionals if deemed appropriate.

£3,500 PE leader will have a genuinely strong understanding of the state of PE across the school.

PE leader will be up to date with the latest best practice and advice for schools in terms of sports teaching and provision.

Staff will grow in confidence and in terms of their ability to deliver quality first PE sessions on a weekly basis.

4. Children are choosing to make healthy choices on their journey to school and in their free time. Stabilisers free sessions for reception/nursery aged children.

Bike safety and bike ability sessions for older children

£500 More children travelling to school via bike/scooter and walking. Children making healthy choices to use walking as a form of travel (measured via ‘hands up’ survey)
Children are choosing to make healthy choices on their journey to school and in their free time. School to seek to access the healthy eating support offered through the GSSP and also to look to establish a healthy tuck shop. £500 Children to be better informed and therefore able to make better choices about their diet.
5. PE and school sport is safe in practice. Purchase of AfPE Safe Practice Guidance for School. (2017 ed) £60 Staff feel confident and supported in the area of health and safety in PE
6. Children have access to high quality PE and sport equipment Ongoing purchase and replenishment of PE equipment, including new goal posts. £1,350 Children are not waiting to use equipment (unnecessarily) or without it being planned. Children are able to make choices between equipment. Measured via feedback from school council.
7. Children have access to a wide variety of competitions/tournaments/ festivals in a wide variety of different sports at different venues. Premium subscription to Gateshead SSP for a wide variety of services and events. See Point 3 Amount of children taking part in out of school activities
8. Pupil premium children are accessing afterschool and out of school sports and physical activity provision Consult with pupil premium children and families to identify any barriers to taking part. Find out what would encourage them to participate and use analysis of this to plan afterschool provision and sign posting to local clubs. £500 Amount of pupil premium children attending afterschool clubs and out of school provision will rise.
9. Establish a Forest School trained teacher and develop our outdoor provision for Forest School sessions. RW to complete Forest Schools training.

RW to work with CB and DS to develop outdoor provision for forest schools’ teaching.

Purchase basic materials needed for the delivery of sessions, including outdoor suits for EYs children.

£3,000 Children will learn how to enjoy purposeful outdoor play and how to interact safely with the environment.

Children will enjoy a more physically demanding educational experience, which encourages outdoor experiences beyond school, leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Total projected income for Sports Premium over the coming 12 month period is £17,260.

Total projected outlay over the coming 12 month period is £16,850.

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