At White Mere our phonics teaching and learning is Fun, Fast, Frequent and Focused!

To ensure our children are equipped with the phonic knowledge and skills needed to become fluent readers by end of Key Stage One (KS1), we deliver daily phonics sessions throughout Reception, Year 1 and 2.

We use Read, Write Inc, which is a rigorous and systematic phonics scheme.

Through following this scheme successfully, our pupils will leave KS1, reading at national curriculum level 2b. To achieve this, phonics is delivered daily, in a discrete session, across KS1.


In the Early Years, phonics is delivered twice a day in discrete 15 minute sessions. Those pupils who are identified as not making expected progress are given an additional 15 minutes intervention session throughout the week. This ensures effective pupil progress in phonic knowledge and skills.

Through these phonic sessions, pupils have the opportunity to speak and listen to new sounds that allow them to successfully decode (reading of words) and encode (writing of words) familiar words and new vocabulary. Pupils are then able to use and apply these taught skills, not only in literacy but across the curriculum as well.




Each class have their own personalised march, which celebrates the sound that they are learning and previous sounds conquered! This allows for consolidation and continuous formative assessment opportunities to identify any misconceptions of sounds taught.

‘Fred Frog’ plays a vital role in each phonics session! This is a strategy used to develop pupil’s skill of segmenting and blending sounds in words to support reading and spelling.

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