Leanne Lowrie

The children have settled really well into school and come bouncing into Nursery every day!  

The Nursery follow the Early Years Foundation Curriculum which is divided into 7 ‘Areas of Learning’ with an emphasis on outdoor and child initiated learning as well as directed activities led by an adult. This half term we have mainly been focusing on Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  We are delighted that the children are beginning make new friends and are learning to share and turn-take. The children have already demonstrated good independence skills and they can self-select the resources they want to use to complete a task. We have been enjoying exploring the indoor and outdoor learning environments. 

The photos show some examples of what the children have been getting up to in the various areas in Nursery.

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White Mere Authors of the Future!

This week, Key Stage Two had the fantastic opportunity to work with a children’s author to develop their creativity in story writing! They worked with Mark Carton, the writer of The Nicolas Miseltow Collection in a workshop entitled ‘How to become a world famous...

Fabulous Fundraising!

To celebrate World Book Day, Year 6 girls held their own book sale to raise money for the charity Macmillan. They brought books from home, which they no longer needed, into school and organised the event completely independently. Pupils from Nursery up to Year 6 came...

Bishop Jonathan

Bishop Jonathan came to visit Key Stage 2 on Friday 3rd March. He talked to the children about his robes and his role of Bishop.

Valentine’s Day in Nursery

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by making and decorating heart shaped biscuits and making a special card for our loved ones. Some children are getting really good at writing their names!...

Today’s the day the Gruffalo had a picnic!

The children in Reception and Nursery joined together today to share activities based on the “The Gruffalo”. Over the morning the children had the opportunity to take part in creative activities based on the characters in the story and go on a Gruffalo...

Oh la,la!

In French Year 6 have been playing games to help practice the vocabulary used for clothing. The aim of the game was to listen to the french word for an item of clothing and then they would have to find the item of clothing and put in the teams bag before any other...

Year 6- Digests!

      In Year 6 we have been looking at the digestive system and how it works. Below are some of our posters we created to help show the digestive systems functions. We have even tried to include some passive sentences!  ...

Proposed Year 6 London Visit

Our Year 6 here in White Mere are a mature group and I’d like to explore initial thoughts as to whether there is enough interest to take this group of children to London after their SATs in June.

Aztec Art!

To end our topic on the Maya and Aztec civilizations we created our own warrior shields. We took inspiration for our designs from historical evidence and pictures....

Reporting From the BBC…Y6 broadcasters!

Last week, we went on a tour of the Newcastle BBC television and radio studios! It was a fantastic morning of going behind the scenes of TV and radio and meeting the odd TV presenter as well! Finding out how the green screen works! Meeting Colin Briggs (Look North...
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