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Welcome to Reception!

Reception have settled into school life well and have enjoyed exploring our indoor and outdoor classroom!

We have had fun in our phonics sessions, listening to sounds and playing games such as ‘eye spy’. We have begun learning our letters and sounds and will soon be learning how to read tricky words too!

In maths we have met Polly the parrot. She is sometimes a little bit silly and gets muddled up when counting. We have been helping her count forwards and backwards to 20, we even made our own number lines!

This term our topic is ‘All About Me’, where we are sharing family photos, taking about our likes and dislikes and discussing feelings and emotions. Lots of children have been interested in the changing seasons and have brought in lots of lovely Autumn items; such as conkers, leaves and pinecones. Some of our children even went on an Autumn walk around school.

As the term continues our themes and topics may change depending on our children’s interests. Stay tuned to see what wonderful work we produce in the future …

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When the Bog Baby Came to School

In the Bog Baby the girls in the story sneaked the Bog Baby into school in a margarine tub. We talked about what we thought the Bog Baby would like to do if he came to our school. We used the class iPad to take pictures to show where we took him. He even meet Mr...

The Brilliant Baltic!

The children in Reception spent a morning at the Baltic Arts Centre in Gateshead Quay. We worked with one of the Baltic’s resident artists to make sculptures, prints and clay models based on our story “The Bog Baby”.

Beautiful Bog Babies!

Today we read the first part of our story "The Bog Baby". We didn't see the pictures in the book and had to listen very carefully to the description of what a Bog Baby looks like. In our craft area we made our very own Bog Babies! Can you see their googly eyes, spiky...

We’re Going on a Bog Baby Hunt!

We are very excited about our new book "The Bog Baby". Today went on a Bog Baby hunt! We talked about what we might need to take and made a list. Miss Groom gave us binoculars and a bag to put in the things we needed for our expedition and off we went! On our journey...

Have you ever seen a Bog Baby?

This half term we are going to be reading "The Bog Baby". Have you ever met a Bog Baby before? We talked about what we thought a Bog Baby would look like and where it might live. We then painted a picture of our Bog Baby in the craft area. What would your Bog Baby...

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